Verse One 

A hot afternoon, and the curtains are drawn; no-one to witness her naked form - 

Bouncing off ceilings, climbing the walls; 

Recalling the fractures of previous falls... 

The eyes of an innocent, drinking it in; watches her mother dance spin after spin - 

No-one to catch her if she were to fall; 

He sent her spinning, and she witnessed it all... 


And she`s slowly coming, slowly coming down – 

Yes she`s slowly coming, slowly coming down... 

Verse Two 

From flying high- in just one night, we were crawling on all fours... 

Don`t open the windows, or answer the doors; 

Don`t talk to strangers – are you listening? 

Don`t talk to strangers; don`t you let them in... 

But the Devil don`t pose as a monster; he masquerades as your friend - 

He didn`t have to force an entry; you were the one who invited him... 

Verse Three 

Behind the doors the party begins; with judges and lords dressed as carnival queens - 

Costume balls, and coke lines on mirrors; 

Innocence lost to the season`s sinners... 

Pretty things are sent to amuse you; all of them sir are free to abuse - 

No questions, nothing`s forbidden - 

When you`re above the law you can`t lose - 

No, you can`t lose... 



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                                THE CHASE

Verse One 

I…I can hear laughter; see sun-kissed skin - 

Barefoot with freedom; it`s the time we`re in… 

Hey – smiling, elfin; so radiant with life - 

You run rings round my heart, then you take to flight… 

Verse Two 

Sometimes, I can hear you – are you here with me? 

If I spin on my heels; would you let me see? 

So go chatter with Angels, be secure in our love - 

Don`t imagine you`ve outrun us; we`ll join you soon enough… 


And so begins the chase again… 

And so begins the chase again 

Verse Three 

Cast your flowers to the water, as the sun hits the sea; 

With the turn of the tide, you drift away from me… 

So you`ll be my guide now; it`s a twist in our plan - 

And if I get lost, baby take my hand… 

Verse Four 

I still hear laughter; still see sun-kissed skin; 

Though we can`t be with you, I know we`ll meet again… 

I…I can hear laughter; I…I can hear laughter; 

And so begins the chase again - 

The chase again yeah, yeah…the chase again.  

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Verse One 

I know that things are changing; I`ve nothin` to gain to see you lose 

I bear no false witness – you have the will, now you must choose 

You say fate just led you right to the centre of her storm 

Hot sweat and fever; beneath her sheets, you rise and fall... 


She casts a shadow in the sky above – just like a black winged dove 

She`ll break your spirit; she don`t need your love... 

She`s a black-winged dove. 

Verse Two 

Sweet life`s elixir; the scent of her body, soft and warm. 

You see no reason to leave her - there is no high enough reward... 


She casts a shadow in the sky above – just like a black-winged dove 

She`ll break your spirit; she don`t need your love... 

She`s a black-winged dove. 

And then she`ll leave you `cos it`s not enough – 

She`s a black-winged dove... 


I choose you – you will choose me! Just wait and see... 

Come; dance within me – I`ll take you into my skies, 

I`ll let you see the colours through my eyes – 

I`ll let you in...let me in! 

She`s a black-winged dove in the skies above... 

You`re caught in her shadow... 


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