Pagan Folk Rock

True-life tales , myths & legends....

Roxircle was formed by singer/songwriter Deanna Royle and multi-instrumentalist/ producer David Morris. Their lyrics are inspired by a mutual fascination of British folklore and tales of the supernatural. Their songs are driven by passion, desire, fear of the unknown and the idea that the vampires amongst us can be both heroes and villains.

They`ve played many live gigs across the UK; the highlight of their year always being the Belostra and Samhain events for Pagan Future Fests in South London. Band members past, present and future include Ruby Morris (bass), James Paul Morris (drums), Carl Morris (bass), Dave Waters (bass), Martin Garside (drums), Peter Jones (keyboards) and Crystal (vocals).

 All their original material is written by Deanna and David; who are both members of the Guild of International Songwriters and Composers. They`ve released five albums: "Night of the Vampire", "Obsession", "This Deadly Game", "Live in Wellington" and "The Collection". All of these will soon be available from this site only, as they don`t do streaming.

Their music has been described as sounding somewhere between Kate Bush and Led Zeppelin - not a bad place to be! "Drawing on bold emotions; with densely layered arrangements, soaring riffs, heartfelt lyrics and skilled musicianship" (Rock`n`Reel magazine), "Those in attendance quickly warmed to their sound -not least because of the very watchable Deanna Royle who, in the style of a young Kate Bush not only visually but in choreography, also sings with a powerful voice that sits somewhere between Janis Joplin for raw power and Kate herself for sweetness of tone" (The Plymouth Herald), "Alternative prog-rock with a real quirky edge; and most certainly engaging" (Tavistock Times). 

They`ve been "away" for a while...but now they`re looking forward to delivering more dramatic, free-spirited performances when live music returns to our venues...the wheel keeps turning.