Distinctive and imaginative, Roxircle play an alternative brand of rock that is original, quirky, and at times outrightly eccentric. Lyrics that are often based on real life stories or legends, embrace colourful splashes of the pagan, the mystical, and shades of the gothic. All are carried on a rich sonic tapestry that melds folk rock and progressive rock influences, with catchy riffs and driving rock rhythms.
So, definitely not some average pub band then! A Roxircle audience should be prepared for something very different.
Based in the South West of England, the experienced band is fronted by the beguiling, raven-haired Deanna Royle on lead vocals and David Morris on lead guitar, with Dave Waters on bass, Martin Garside on drums, and recent addition, Peter Jones on keyboards. Each member dips into their own wide and varied musical influences to add to the intricate background layers to the sound.
The band’s live set is tailored to each occasion, and largely consists of original material penned by Lisa and David, interspersed with a small diverse selection of covers spanning the decades – some familiar and some less so – but all using the band’s rich and complex sounds to the full.
Four albums have been released to date: “Night of the Vampire” (2009), “Obsession” (2013), “This Deadly Game” (2014), and “Live In Wellington” (2015); plus the 2015 fundraising single for NAPAC, “Slowly Coming Down”. The albums and individual tracks can be purchased here.
Venues and festivals see the opportunity to offer something distinct, as Roxircle take the audience and invite them into their world…. it’s a good place to be!

The Band

Lisa profile pic 2

Deanna – Vocals

Emotional, powerful and passionate, Deanna`s unique vocals are the focus of the Roxircle sound. Her lyrics are written straight from the heart; and her belief in the music and it`s message can be seen and heard in every performance.

David profile pic 2 with credit

David – Guitar

David drives each track with his rock-orientated guitar riffs and power chords. A big fan of legends such as the late, great Paul Kossoff and Gary Moore, his blues-tinged solos add another dimension to the carefully layered arrangements.

Dave W profile pic

Dave – Bass

Joining in May, 2013, Dave did a great job of quickly learning the Roxircle set. Choosing to play a five-string instrument, he`s added a tasty low-end vibe to the live sound. His experience and enthusiasm for the music have established him as an ideal band member.

Martin profile pic with credit

Martin – Drums

After only one rehearsal, Martin played his first gig in September 2013. His sympathetic, melodic style of drumming is well suited to the Roxircle; and his larger-than-life personality is a great addition to the dynamics of the band.

Peter profile pic

Peter – Keyboards

The newest addition to the band, Peter brings a rich menu of sounds to the band, giving the songs a new depth and and character.